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ABC Accelerator is opening a window into the future

With its fourth program Internet of Things and Internet of Everything ABC decided to enter one of the hottest markets of years to come! Soon our fridges will let us know by themselves what is missing on their shelves. Our cars will drive us around almost without our help. Sensors in smart gloves will take us a step closer to super heroes. A few years from now, we will find ourselves in a connected environment. One that seemed like a mere futuristic fantasy only a decade or two ago.

ABC accelerator is looking forward to this. They think it can’t come soon enough and they mean it. That is why they will soon launch their forth startup program – Internet of Things and Internet of Everything. What do these two exciting phrases mean? In both cases it’s all about connecting our environment.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Everything connect everything you can imagine and probably even some things you can’t. What does it mean in practice? Your alarm clock will be connected to your coffee machine and a fresh warm cup of coffee will await you in the kitchen as soon as you get out of bed. A smart workers glove will make manufacturing work simpler, faster, and most importantly safer.


There are literally limitless options of improving our everyday lives. This program’s potential is enormous and the target market for startups is gigantic. Today everything is based on connections and ABC really picked one of the hottest topics around. In fact, the program gathered so much interest that ABC opened the application process for startup beyond the borders of Europe as well.

It’s only suitable that ABS itself will get more and more connected across the globe as its program is taking place. Soon they will establish direct line of communication with Silicon Valley, Bangalore in India and Chile. Add to these a brand new connection with Munich, and the chosen startups get a unique opportunity for global networking and testing.

Beside that the teams will also receive a 15.000 € investment, top notch office spaces at an elite location, loan options for up to 35.000€ at the beginning and 300.000€ at the end for the selected startups, various IBM software licenses, the advantages of collaboration with companies such as Petrol, Triglav Group, BTC City, IBM, Lidl, Microsoft, Cisco and a lot more. Get more details here.


Chosen teams will also gain priceless knowledge by listening to world renowned entrepreneurs, experts from IoT and IoE field, mentors and from attending various events.

The application process is opened until 31st of July and the program itself starts on 3rd of October. Every startup whose goal is to enhance the life of people by inventing or improving connections is welcome to apply here. The active part of the fourth program of ABC Accelerator will conclude on 26th of January 2017.

As always, it will end with a Demo Day where all the teams present their ideas to potential investors. Considering the attention the previous Demo Days gathered, we can only imagine how big this one will be. IoT and IoE industry is supposed to be worth trillions in the following years and play a role in the life of almost all of the western countries.

The profits pioneers are their supporters can earn are enormous. Not just that, they also have a real chance to leave a mark on the world yet to come.


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