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EXECOM – speaker at Scrum Day

Highly appreciated opportunity was given to EXECOM. The company was invited to speak at the conference on Scrum, one of the most popular agile methods of software development. The fifth Scrum Day will be held on September 27 and 28 in Darmstadt, in Deutsche Telekom. The conference is aiming at presenting the benefits of using Scrum within organizations and actual experiences of Project Managers. Igor Holod, Project Manager in EXECOM, will have the opportunity to speak at an international track. He will share the knowledge and experience gained while managing a two-year long project and a thirty-member team sitting in two different European cities.

Besides having a great opportunity to present, EXECOM is very excited to be able to meet peers, hear about the latest movement in the field and share ideas. If you’re into Scrum too, then Scrum Day is the right place to be!

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