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Green Soft Company has signed a contract with “Agri business partner” ltd

The founder of this company is the Irish company “Baltic property investment limited”, represented by Martin Ronan Conroy. This is a family business that has been operating in Serbia since 2006, while beginning of “Baltic property investment” dates back to 1932.

“Agri business partner” d.o.o. is one of the largest regional companies which is engaged in agriculture, mainly growing cereals (except rise), legumes, oilseeds and cattle breeding. The company is based in Sombor, and the majority owner is PP “Sombor”, PP “Vojvodina”, PP “Miletić” and PP “Feketić”. “Agri business partner ” owns 5000 hectares of arable land and about 2,000 head of cattle, while the company has over 300 employees.

The contract was signed for the implementation of the software package AgroLIFE. The package includes module Maps, module for Production and module for GPS.

Module Map will provide a simple and efficient management of all types of digital maps with complete predefined data plots, plantations and soil of the company.

Module Production enables easy management of the farm, land, plantations, planning proces and production, and the ability to track the real costs, the realization of plans and alarm in case there has been a deviaton form the planned works. This approach covers the entire production cycle of soil cultivation, from preparation to harvest, facilitates the management of large areas and leads to more efficient operations with the possibility of large savings in resources and money.

While GPS module allows users to track vehicle movements with the ability to cover the complete fleet tracking.



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