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Hackathon @Execom

There was another Android Hackathon at Execom. Students were given the opportunity to test their skills, show what they learned at Android Workshops, and explore their limits in this 24-hour competition.

There were several phases prior to the competition:

  • 260+ people attended two of our lectures at the the University of Novi Sad Rectorate
  • 100+ people applied to attend our Android Workshops
  • 32 people were accepted and attended the workshops
  • 16 people passed qualifications for Hackathon and participated in the competition
  • 1 team of 4 contestants won the first place

Contestants stayed up all night and worked on a code for 24 hours. The task was to build a booking app from zero, divide tasks among team members with whom they have never worked before, and present the results of their work before the jury.

It wasn’t easy to get through Hackathon, especially since you had to stay awake and focused for a long time. Some took power naps, while others had coffee. A few decided the best idea to stay on the top of the game was to be active, so they played table football and walked up and down the room.


The competition was tough and all teams showed extensive knowledge and skills. Their determination was admirable and all hard work paid off. Regardless of prizes and certificates, the goal was to share knowledge, test limits, gain experience in team work and get a memory for life because 24 hours of coding doesn’t happen every day!

In this year only, Execom trained approximately 70 Android developers, hired 4 contestants of Android Hackathon held in May, and all workshop participants were offered a chance to take part in student practices and qualify for our scholarships.

Stay tuned, because new Android Workshop topics are coming soon. Happy coding, everyone!



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