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InoSens: Hiring an Innovation Associate, anyone interested?

InoSens is reaching out to academic/research institutions involved in the agrifood sector. They are currently searching for an Innovation Associate in agrifood supply chains with a relevant PhD to hire.

The Innovation Associate will be part of PITCHER, a Horizon 2020 project, aiming to assist the transition of postdoctoral individuals into the workforce and into positions that are vital to the European economy.

The Innovation Associate’s primary responsibilities will be:

  • Identifying opportunities for the implementation of innovative concepts in agrifood supply chain networks and developing a pathway to disruption in close collaboration with the InoSens team;
  • Participating in business model design and business strategy definition and their following development;
  • Actively contributing to a culture of innovation while considering and managing risks;
  • Managing and delivering a pipeline of innovation projects to test stakeholder and customer appetite for innovative propositions and solutions in agrifood value chain.

Click to learn more, here –> .PDF

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