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Futoska 35, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia

+381 21 494 477

+381 21 531 960

core business: 5
other: 0

About the company

Privately owned software company. Open source software.

Main Products and Services

SmartParking - allows parking users to pay through SMS, web interface, email, smart phone apps. Parking Back office. Deployed in more than 20 cities in Serbia, 4 cities in Netherlands, 2 cities in Slovakia
jZIS - hospital/patient management system
ERPić - ERP system for medium companies and local governments
Oil&Gas custom solution - bunkering station, Tank software etc.


  • DB performance tuning, optimization
  • Java development
  • Android development

Development plans and foreign collaboration

Deployment of SmartParking system.
Information system outsourcing in our areas of expertise.

Physical scale & performance

What geographic areas are served the best?Serbia and timezone compatible areas
What geographic areas could be served adequately?Europe, North Africa


Target marketstimezone compatible markets (Europe, Middle East, North Africa)
Any unique product/serviceSmartParking - flexible parking payment and management
What is the short-term strategy?Find a partner for SmartParking deplyment
What is the long-term strategy?Information system outsourcing
Wish to hold position or to grow aggressivelyGrow export revenue
Collaboration sought in following fieldsparking, healthcare, oil&gas
Describe profile of desired partner company (System Integrator, Sales Service, etc.)software developing company with in depth knowledge in parking, healthcare, oil&gas



Overall reputation in the business communityGood
Any legal troubles in the pastNo
Involved in social responsibility/charity projectsYes