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RT-RK presents automotive machine vision ALPHA Reference Board on Texas Instrument’s SoCs

At the Embedded World exhibition taking place in Nuremberg 23 – 25 February 2016, RT-RK will present Automotive Machine Vision ALPHA reference board on Texas Instruments SoCs.


Hereby, RT-RK supports a placement path for TI-based solutions on the emerging automotive industry market that has been penetrated by all major chip vendors.


Automotive Machine Vision ALPHA is a reference design board implementing basic and advanced warning systems, active control systems and semi-autonomous operations.

An example set of targeted applications includes surround view, driver monitoring, stereoscopic front view, wide angle and night vision camera.

Exploiting the full potential of three integrated TDA2x SoCs, the reference board represents a cutting edge infrastructure for driver assistance systems. The system supports up to 10 automotive cameras compatible with TI DS90UB964 and DS90UB914A Deserializers.

Using PCIe for load balancing of video processing between the two TDA2x SoCs, the technical solution applied to system design serves any application request in real time. Each SoC supports HDMI out and is linked to the Head Unit. With 1Gb Ethernet out and support for AVB Ethernet, the system is upgradeable with a daughterboard for communication with other sensors, IP cameras, radars, ultrasonic sensors and similar, which can provide more driver assistance applications.

More information and Press Release you can find here → RT-RK / News


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