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Typhoon HIL: Controller hardware in the loop technology (C-HIL) Rises to the Challenges of Marine Applications

As the industry switches to hybrid-powered ships and with the first fully electric-powered ferry already operating in Norway, real-time simulation of large-scale shipboard power systems is becoming one of the critical issues in ship development and ship design, as well as in ship simulators as training devices.


Visit Typhoon HIL at Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo and see how Microgrid Testbed enables you to test the behavior and performance of the entire distribution system of a ship and how it enables you to do it in real time. Thanks to controller hardware in the loop technology (C-HIL), you can relentlessly test your system in different scenarios, such as split-plant and parallel-plant operation, or check the performance of your protection devices for vital and non-vital busses.

Whether you are developing a cruiser with many entertainment facilities, a large container ship with powerful bow thrusters or a navy vessel with a 21 MW power plant, Typhoon HIL’s high-fidelity, real-time Microgrid Testbed gives you an unparalleled insight into your shipboard power systems and lets you turbo-charge the speed and efficiency of your testing and development cycles.

If you want a broader overview of what hardware in the loop simulation can do in the domain of marine industry you can find more information on Typhoon HIL website / News.

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