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Invest in Vojvodina

Vojvodina is the northern part and the EU border region of the Republic of Serbia. With its long industrial tradition, well developed educational system and the ideal geographic location, Vojvodina region provides excellent opportunities for production sites, logistics, and export processing zones.



In addition to various Free Trade Agreements, many benefits originating from its favorable location, including the two major Pan-European transport routes (Corridor 10 and Danube River), are readily available to all the companies doing business in Vojvodina.

The region of Vojvodina provides a sound investment environment guaranteed by the legislation that is in line with the relevant EU practices. Along with the number of government initiatives to proactively facilitate the FDI inflow, Vojvodina offers an outstanding support system for growing your profits, increasing productivity, and boosting competitiveness.

Vojvodina is among the most culturally vibrant places in the region. It is a home to 26 different nationalities where 6 official languages are in use. This magnitude of multicultural density is what guarantees continuous supply of fresh perspectives and an ever-enduring exchange of creative ideas between people that share the same values of inclusive, cohesive, and open society.

Among the companies that have already recognize benefits of operating in this region are also world-wide known international companies such as Siemens, Bosch, Coca Cola, Carlsberg, Heineken, PepsiCo, Nestle, JTI, Continental, Stada, Tarkett, Nestle, Henkel, Draxlmaier, Grundfos, Carlsberg, and many others. Top investors (No. of companies) are Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Croatia, Switzerland, USA, Hungary, Greece, Holland and other.


According to our data Vojvodina today boasts more than 290 foreign companies. Except the automotive components, the most prominent sectors in Vojvodina are agrobusiness, renewable energy, real estate, ICT and shared services.

Check out this short video about Vojvodina.

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