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Typhoon HIL: Learn how C-HIL allows designing high precision and reliable controllers

Each year the EPE Conference grows bigger and more important, as more and more companies, organizations and decision makers look at power electronics as the enabling technology for industrial processes, rational use of energy, individual and mass transportation, as well as new environmental requirements.


Fundamentally, this means that more and more focus is placed on the performance, precision and reliability of control software. In this respect, control hardware in the loop (C-HIL) is the key technology for addressing the new challenges of power electronics, as it allows real-time testing of converter control strategies and system stability.

So, come and join the control hardware in the loop (C-HIL) revolution at booth 37 at EPE’2016 in Karlsruhe, Germany. Test-drive Typhoon HIL’s integrated software and hardware testbeds. You will see hands-on how C-HIL empowers you to gain direct, real-time insight into your control software. Whether you are producing converters, micro grids or shipboard power systems, or researching them, C-HIL allows you an unprecedented speed in designing, testing, optimizing and pre-certifying controllers.

Typhoon HIL also cordially invite you to vendor session “Control HIL for microgrids” at 16:00 on Wednesday, September 7, where you will see that with a scalable system and a fixed 1 µs timestep, there is no micro grid that is too big or too fast to be tested in real time. Ultimately, see how C-HIL gives you a new level of efficiency in all things power electronics, whether it is publishing a new cutting-edge paper or making sure your product meets the newly introduced grid code. Or anything in between.


Typhoon HIL team looking forward to meeting you at EPE’2016 in Karlsruhe, Germany, from September 5 to 9, 2016!

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